Thursday, December 9, 2010

Over the summer I decided to get a new kitten. I have a cat named Maggie who is just not a very friendly sort. She is not affectionate at all. She just loves me for her food bowl and that is it. With hubby being gone most of the time now, and my kids having a better social life than I do, I was hoping Milo would keep me company. Milo started out as Molly, but then along came the discovery of a "couple" of things, thus becoming Milo. He is an extremely affectionate animal, but very curious and gutsy.

Like most cats (except for Maggie the Grinch) he loves boxes. Look closely at the top pic. he loves to take the pins from my pin cusions. He just pulls them out with his mouth and drops them to the floor. A real pain in the caboose.

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