Friday, August 22, 2008

Updated photo of Midas. Midas is the cat that pretty much came with the house my husband and I bought almost 4 months ago. Seems a previous renter abandoned him. How can anyone do that to an animal? He is looking much better. The big chunk that was out of his nose has healed very well, and his paw has heeled too. His dew claw was ripped out. Don't know how. I ended up having to treat him for fleas twice, and for ear mites, a cream for his nose, and an antibiotic for his paw. I put him on a treatment to get his coat healthy. Anyways, he is getting fat and sassy, and is the most loveable cat I have ever had the pleasure to cuddle with. Midas has turned out to be the best "guard cat" we could ask for.


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Huckleberry Arts said...

You won woo hoo!!

And scroll down because there is an award for ya too!!!