Friday, August 29, 2008


Thank you Annette for this award!! I would nominate you back, but you would have to pick more people to bestow the award upon! Like Annette mentioned on her blog, I too have met so many talented prim artists whom I am proud to call my friends. It is difficult to choose just 7 to norminate. Like Annette I would love to nominate them all. I think the rule is I can only nominate 7 so here they are.

1. Flora of Bonehead Studios

2. Peta of Pottymoon

3. Laura Ann of Artisan Memories

4. Angie of Love the Prim Look

5. Debra if Pilgrims and Pioneers

6. Kelly of Mystical Entities

7. Blondie of Vintage Primitives

Thank you ladies for your contributions to the prim world. You warm my heart, and I am proud to call you my friends.

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Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Hi Terri and thank you for giving me this award. I`am honored and will be sure to pass it along!