Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some of my prim friends are raving about this laundry soap recipe. Well, I cannot be left out. I have to try it. I checked and all the ingredients are at my local walmart. That in itself is a surprise. My walmart never has anything. I mean why in the world would they stock half inch snaps and no other size?!?!?!?! Seriously. Don't know if you have ever seen a half inch snap, but I assure you, it is HUGE compared to the regular size most commonly used. Shaking my head is the soap recipe. I will keep you informed as to how it turns out. (Thank you Cathy of Hazelruthe's for sharing this recipe.)

Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe

16 cups water
1 bar of soap (your choice but many sources suggest Ivory, Fels-Naptha, Sunlight Bar, Castile or Zote)
1 cup of baking soda or washing soda
1 1/2 cups borax

Before beginning, finely grate your bar of soap.
Boil the 16 cups of water in a large pot. While boiling, add your grated soap and whisk continuously until it completely dissolves. Remove from heat.Next add borax and baking soda. Whisk it up really well. Continue to whisk throughout the day as it cools. It may begin to gel over the next 48 hours, but you don't need to wait to use it.You may store in old commercial detergent containers or any other covered container as well.Use ½ cup soap per load.

You can also add 2 Tablespoons vinegar to the rinse cycle instead of fabric softener.



Kristine said...

I just popped in to copy this laundry soap recipe!! I'm gonna try it!!!
Laundry soap has gotten crazy expensive!!

thanks for sharing!!!


Terri said...

I just bought all the ingredients today after work. I had a hard time finding something to put it in. I guess I should have saved my empty detergent bottles. I bought a gallon pitcher with a lid. I dont plan to actually make it till later in the week. Will let ya know how it goes. I have not heard one negative comment about it yet. Everyone that I know who uses it says it cleans absolutely fantastic and your clothes smell fresh. We shall see.