Sunday, June 29, 2008

I have been adopted!

When we moved into our new house a few months ago, there was a golden blonde cat that ran around the neighborhood seemingly wild. He would not let you get near him. If we came out the back door, and he happened to be in the yard, he would bolt. Well, to make a long story short, he kept hanging around at a distance, and I kept talking to him (like a real nut case), and now he has adopted me. He was hungry, all beaten and banged up, and starved for attention. Here he is resting on my lap. I call him Midas.



Kristine said...

awwww, beautiful kitty!!!
Love his name!!!
I just adopted a little striped kitty yesterday....still thinking on a name.


Terri said...

He is really pretty. A blonde color that some women would kill for!! I call him Midas because of the mythological character and gold. My kids think I named him after a stupid tire or something. They said Midas has something to do with a car. Whatever. Let me know when you name your little striped friend!


Laura Ann said...

i love your new friend. he is precious to look at...he reminds me of my cat jr. he is beautiful!!!
its really nice of your to befriend, your new friend.
Laura Ann