Saturday, April 28, 2007

A little info

Some of my internet friends have emailed me asking about the photo header on my blog. Well to satisfy the curiosity, the picture is actually mine. It isnt one that I culled from some flea market and used. Although, one time I actually made an entire "ancestor" collection and displayed all the pictures on the wall. I had not a clue who those people really were, but I thought they looked good and nobody knew the difference. For all I know they were a band of criminals, but I was proud to claim em!

The photo I use is a picture of me and my two sisters. Penny is on the left. She is the redhead. I have no idea why she has a doll in her hands. No doubt she was probably torturing it. She was more apt to play with tonka trucks than dolls. I pushed her backwards down the kitchen steps once. We are pretty sure she lost consciousness, but we didnt say nuttin when mom got home. I am in the middle, I am the oldest. Of course, I have no doll. I should have. I loved dolls all my life. Never really quit messing with em. Always making clothes and little quilts for them. On the right is my sister Paula. She and Penny are fraternal twins. Paula was always the quiet, contented one. She is probably lookin at me cause she is embarrassed to death by my pose. Or baffled. One of the two. She hit me with one of those heavy duty stanley hairbrushes once; right in the chest. You know the ones that out live your great great grandmother cause they are made so well? That kind. They are hard as a rock. She will tell ya she didnt, but I know better.

We are sitting on the front steps of my granny and grandpa's house in Cairo, IL. I remember the steps being gray. Granny's house always smelled like baked ham and homemade yeast rolls. She made a christmas cookie called Spiced Cherry Bells that I would eat until I was sick. I have that recipe today and try to make them every Christmas. Granny also had lots of quilts in her house, and she had a hassock that opened up at the top for storage. Inside there was a rag doll that she had made along with the clothes. That doll was my favorite thing about granny's house.