Friday, April 27, 2007

Ain't it funny?

Ain't it funny when life comes full circle? You have to sit in wonder of it really. My oldest son who is now 23 certainly had his moments during his teen years. There were days when I wasn't sure who would be victorious thru it all; him or me. We recently had a behavior situation with my youngest who is 14. Something I had already experienced with his older brother years ago. Well, I sighed to myself and thought, here we go again. When I sort of mentioned the situation, the oldest spoke of the regret that he felt for having put the family thru that, and then proceeded to give his little brother a small lecture, using several of the points I had tried to drill into his brain oh so many years ago. Aha! So he had heard me!! I would have sworn all my words had fallen on deaf ears, but apparently not. One of those kodak moments a mother lives for. Maybe I am not such a terrible mother after all. Does my heart good to know that.