Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My newest doll clothes...


Since taking this picture, I have gotten Lindsay a new pair of white sandals that look much better with this dress than the tights and black slip ons.


This outfit was my first attempt at repurposing some clothing I got at the local thrift store for a buck. The sweater of course was a sweater, but the leggings were a stretchy blouse. I think they both turned out ok.

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Artisan Memories said...

first of all i absolutely love what you have done with your blog!!!! Also...Lindsey is so cute in her two outfits. I really love what you do!!!
both the outfits are right on. before i read i thought you had bought!!! way to go!!!
i would love a green outfit like that to wear around the house!!!!
Love and hugs
laura ann