Saturday, March 21, 2009

A good friend of mine found out today her mother has cancer. The doctors have told her that her mom has 2 years to live. I say what do doctors know... Please keep my friend Colleen, her brothers, and of course her mother Donna in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Just a note I'd like to share on your friends dear mom who has been diagnosed with cancer. Doctors are just that thay are doctors and are not God and only God can decide when our time is up. I remember a story of my sister-in-laws mother-in-law who had cancer and was told there was nothing more they could do for her and that she only had maybe a week or two left. She was down to about 85 pounds and sent home to die..... he had heard about this guy who practiced Kinesionics and he came by to see her. He told her that she was going to be alright, she went on to live another 14 years and then from the radiation treatment she was given got cancer again and wasn't so lucky, but to me 14 years is a long time that she never would have otherwise had with her family. I beleive in my heart that there are other avenues of alternative medicine and we should never ever give up. I also beleive that telling someone that they only have so long to live can kill their spirit and that to me is just so wrong. Why can they not say it isn't good but we will do what we can instead. I also know that allot of them do not beleive in alternative therapy but when it comes to your life ultimately you are the one in the drivers seat. I know when my husbad was diagnosed with throat cancer the devistation we felt. He never smoked or was a heavy drinker and youn only 42 at the time, it just never made any sense. This usually happened to older men who smoked and drank allot, we were told just dumb luck. We went out and looked into alternitive therapies and seen both the guy I mentioned and another natural guy and are so glad we did, in my heart I don't beleive he would be where he is if not for these two wonderful men. (We also went with the traditional treatment minus the surgery which my husband refused) My husband who has had athsma ever since a child no longer suffers from that for 3 years now and I know for a fact that it wasn't the cancer treatment that cured that. On a final note I found with these people they treat the whole body not just the disease. My prayers to your friends family all the best, never give up!

Artisan Memories said...

Terri...your friend is in my prayers. I do believe in the power of prayer...and where two pray...there is when we all pray...just imagine what that can do.
your friend.
Laura Ann