Friday, December 26, 2008

Tips for storing Christmas decorations:

If you are near a liquor store, ask them for their boxes. They all have neat dividers in them that are perfect for storing breakables.

Do not store Christmas ornaments in newspaper. The ink may come off on the ornaments while in storage.

Use Rubbermaid type storage boxes so they will not crush and break your fragile ornaments!

Label boxes as indoor or outdoor.

Use a garland to protect glass.

Store Christmas linens in a suitcase.

Use egg cartons for storing small ornaments.

Wrap candles in old socks to keep them from getting scratched.

Cut small slit in each end of a wrapping tube. Thread the end of one set of lights through the slit and wrap the lights along the tube. Thread the other end of the lights through the opposite slit in the tube.

Cut a square or rectangle of cardboard. Cut a slit in one side of the square. Thread the end of a set of lights through the slit. Wrap the lights around the cardboard, threading the other end back through the slit.

Wrap each set of lights and put them individually into a plastic bag. Box the plastic bags together.

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