Friday, November 28, 2008

Well, Thanksgiving is over. I had a wonderful day working at the nursing home preparing dinner for our residents. It went very well, and I was truly blessed with hugs and smiles. I have been Christmas crafting for a few weeks now. Slowly. I will have pics over the weekend of some that I will be auctioning, and some of ornie gifts for internet friends. I am looking for easy ornaments that I can make with my soon to be 3 yr. old grandson. He loves to make things with Meme. I am not sure he will want any part of this photo ornanent, since he is currently only interested in drawing around his hand and play doh, but I know I want one like this of him. Easy and beautiful. My kind of ornie.

Heather, I hope you are reading this. I thought of you when I posted it because it would make a fantastic gift for your family of that sweet little girl of yours.



Anonymous said...

These are cute, I think I will make some. Heather

Terri said...