Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My neice was saying about a week ago how she has been unable to find a pillow to go in her daughter's stroller for when she falls asleep. Her little baby head is always falling to the side, and a blanket has to be stuffed inbetween. I thought well surely I can come up with something to fix that. I sorted thru my scraps and got to work. Took me most of the night. No, it should not have taken me that long, but my machine decided to be completely uncooperative and several four letter words ended up floating out in the air. I finally got it finished. Went to bed late, and was a complete grump at work the next day, but my neice was extremely happy with it, so it was worth it. Here is the end result. By the way, grandma and papa call my great neice Bug.



Anonymous said...

That is the cutest thing ever. I think Kansas needs one :) How much would you charge for one.


Terri said...

Thanks! I was pretty happy with it even though it took me forever. I am assuming you would want a pink one? :-)

craftymug said...

I love that pretty pillow!
Just stopped by to say please come by my blog and pick up a couple of awards that I posted today.
I tried to pick bloggers with unique blogs to pass these on to and guess what, you got picked!!

Nedra said...

that's adorable! and tell my brother it's not nice to swipe half my nickname from our dad, lol.

Terri said...

Aaah! Never thought of that! Logan's is a shortened version of Love Bug.