Sunday, July 20, 2008

This past Friday I had a tooth pulled. Well, the dentist refers to it as "extracted." I thought that sounded a little too "toolish". You know, as in big metal instruments and such. I thought, well what is the big deal? It is just a tooth and it is just getting pulled.

Weeelllll....let me tell you. When the actual "extracting" was taking place, it soon became painfully obvious that it wasnt going to extract willingly. THIS is where the "toolish" part came in. Big metal instruments. Shiny ones. Instruments that glinted off of the overhead light, seemingly chanting...."look at cannot ignore me.....I am going to hurt you." When these instruments were being used, I seriously thought the dentist was trying to pull my left eye out of the socket from the roof of my mouth. Seriously.

I was never so glad to get out of there. When I sat up, my eyeball started watering. Pouring. She tells me that that is from the anesthetic. I have never had my eyeball numb before. Very odd feeling. Well, the whole side of my face was dead. Someone could have delivered a sucker punch to the left side of my face and I would not have felt it. Drool probably would have flown out, but that would have been the only reaction. As my children said when I got home, and I quote, "Mom, did you know your face is crooked?". didnt. Thanks for pointing that out.

I am glad that ordeal is over. Down side is that it is still bothering me. I hope it decides to behave itself soon. Frankly I would like to forget the whole experience.


Tins and Treasures said...

Ohhh...I am empathizing...I had a tooth "extracted" about 5 weeks ago. I would rather give birth than have another tooth pulled. I, too, felt the tears come after I sat up...
On a positive note, it healed quickly and it is good to have the old tooth out of there! Good luck.

Terri said...

Thank you Natalie! How long did it take to feel better? Mine is still bothering me 4 days later.