Saturday, June 21, 2008

Since I made the earlier post of things I am tired of, I decided I would make a list of things I am never tired of. Ok, let's see......

Hearing my family and friends say I love you.

The smell of honeysuckle.


My husband occasionally bringing me a rose home for no special reason.

Creating dolls.

Thrift store lurking.

( this reminds me of when I was oh so much younger, and I would go strawberry picking with my now mother and father in law. My father in law teased me because I always ate the big ones. Every once in awhile I would feel a thud on my back. Lying at my feet would be a big fat plump one that I guess he had decided I needed to eat. I would glance over and he would smile at me. He also said that you could always tell which bucket was mine cuz it was full of little berries. :-) He is gone now. That is just one of the many wonderful memories I have of him. He was truly one of a kind and a blessing to have.)

rainy days. I love em.

the smell of fresh laundry from the clothesline.

holding my grandson on my lap and watching Shrek for the millionth time. His current favorite is the chipmunk movie.

Collecting patterns.

Quitting time at work!

Hugs and smiles from the residents at the home I work in. They are priceless.

Curtains blowing from the breeze.

Watching my boys get along!

fabric shopping

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