Monday, June 16, 2008

I am tired of....

going to work every day

people bitching at me

my cat scratching constantly, and I can't figure out why.

Gas prices

the phone ringing

cleaning the house constantly. It never ends.

being the only one in this house who seems to know how the dishwasher works

being the only one in this house who can tell when the trash is full and needs to be taken out.

my AC still not working

being a taxi

my kids not listening

my husband not listening

arthritis. I just want one day a week to feel good. It would be nice.

having responsibilites.

Ok, your turn. What are some of yours???


Christine said...

Oh, Terri!!!! It sounds like you need a vacation yourself!
I , too am sick of cleaning house and doing laundry, trying to figure out what to cook. I say go on strike......I simply don't care much about the house anymore.....clean just enough to get by, right before the health department comes!! lol
Sending a hug for you today!

chris said...

Hi Terri, well I'm sick of telling the kids over and over what to do,prices at the grocery shop knowing that all you buy wont last for the whole week, my kids eating us out of house and home, hope things pick up for you, hows the new house going, big hugs to you, Chris.......over here in Australia....

Terri said...

Hi Christine! I know what you mean. I dont care too much about the house. I used to be a neat freak, the type you could eat off the floors if you took a notion. But, 2 more kids later, and being older, I just dont have the energy for that anymore. Besides, like my mil says, there are better things in life than having a spotless house. She is right. I would rather sit in the middle of chaos and wreck and watch the chipmunk movie with my grandson for the hundreth time!

Terri said...

Hi Chris! Oh yes, forgot the grocery prices and kids eating us into poverty! I have two boys at home ages 17 and 15, and I swear they never quit eating. Nothing ever lasts long in this house.

The new house is wonderful. However, we are still struggling to get someone out here to fix this AC. AND the doorbell doesnt work anymore, AND I have a leak underneath the sink. Guess that is part of it huh? Oh well, I wanted this....keep telling myself that.

Niki said...

Here are mine at the NOW moment:
1. Not being able to find a good paying job.
2. It being 114 out lately :(
3. My Sasha dog not going into heat so we can get her pregnant lol. Come on Sash'!

I'm on meds lately, so my bad moments have not been so bad LOL. Antidepressants work wonders!

Terri said...

I hope you find a good job soon, and that your 114 degree weather goes away. Just don't send it my way ok? And about little Sasha...I hope her body gets with it. :-)