Saturday, May 10, 2008

Things that I found on the net this morning that made me smile....

I absolutely adore anthropomorphic veggies. Especially on vintage style towels and potholders. I would love to find a table cloth with veggie people on it some day.


My favorite flower...


What a gorgeous needle book!


Click here for the needle book pattern.

This last pic may offend some people, but hey, I think it is cute. It reminds me to always try to find the good in things. Go out today and find something that makes you smile. It makes ya feel good. Enjoy the little things in life.



Anonymous said...

My Mom has been gone 27 is so hard....I appreciate and share what you would say to your Mom....Thanks for posting.

BTW, I love your happiness fairy!!!!Gave me a smile!
Hugs, Christine Rohloff

Terri said...

Thank you Christine! I hope your mother's day is filled with wonderful, warm memories of your mom.

I am so glad my fairy made you smile!