Monday, March 10, 2008

Angie of Love the Prim Look has tagged me! I am to name 6 non-important things (habits or quirks) about myself. Oh my am I in trouble. I have a lot of quirks I think. Here goes.

1. I have a phobia of driving.

2. I can't stand for the food on my plate to touch.

3. I dislike my cellphone very much. I just dont like being that accessible. I would rather not carry one, but my hubby insists.

4. I love dill pickles and onions together.

5. I have occasional dreams that come true.

6. Cannot step on the cracks of a sidewalk without cringing and thinking of that childhood rhyme, "step on a crack, break your mother's back"

I tag...

Lisa of Craftyeladycreations

Kelly of Mystical Entities

Flora of Bonehead Studios

Pea of Pea Pickers Primitives


Pea said...

I did this already but I will give you one more.
I love liver onions... weird I know and pumpkin pie for breakfast.

Blown94SC said...

Yep, thats you Terri. :)