Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I think I have finally recovered from the most terrible, physically and mentally exhausting week that I have ever had at work. Whew! NOW as if that weren't enough, we have had a winter storm, which is continuing on as I type. I managed to take today off, but took two of my staff in to work this morning so that I didnt have to stay. It is terrible outside. Solid ice. Trees dropping everywhere. It is the most eerie thing I have ever listened to. This morning at 4:30 I am out trying to dig out the SUV, and all was silent, not a sound, except for the trees crackling and groaning from the weight of the ice on them. Every once in awhile I would hear one give an echoing splintering noise and hear it hit the ground. I remember looking up to make sure I wasnt standing under one! Very eerie indeed. I truly experienced what "alone" means. It made me want to rush back into the house and have the company of another living being; even if it was just the cat.

Anyone want to come to Southern Illinois for a visit? Better bring your long underwear.





Anonymous said...

move to Arizona...a beautiful sunny 72 here today, hehehehehehe

Cookie said...

We have been through these ice storms all too often here in Missouri - I can sympathize with you totally - at least you didn't lose power. I remember the sights and sounds vividly too - it's almost like a war zone with the broken and splintered trees and the sounds of echoing cracking all around you.
I think we are all ready for spring - double digits on the thermostat would be a nice beginning!
Stay warm,

Prim and Proper Folks said...

Brrrrrr Terri! Your photos are making me cold just looking at them. I sure hope winter ends soon for you. It's cold here, but not enough to freeze..just drizzly rain today. It sounds like a great day to be creative though...as long as the power stays on, right? Chat with you soon...Susan

rockriverstitches said...

Terri, I am in northwest IL and really sick of all the snow, ice and cold. I am so ready for spring!!!


Blown94SC said...

No snow in GA... :P