Friday, December 14, 2007

Logan McKenzie Thompson has arrived into the world. She weighs 6 pounds. Her grandpa says she does have hair, and the longest legs he has ever seen on a kid. Both mom and baby are doing well. I have not gotten to see her yet, due to staying home because of doctor's orders. (Stupid pneumonia again. Totally sick of that let me tell ya.) Plus I dont want to risk making anyone sick. I don't even have the rest of the details to share, because as I said, I talked to Grandpa. You know how men are. I will talk to grandma this morning so I will know the rest of the story. This brings my great neice/ nephew total to 5, and one grandson. They are all within 1 to 3 years of each other. Little people are such a joy.

What a holiday season! My Christmas is complete with the arrival of little Logan, and the health of both mom and baby.

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