Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I know a lot of people love em, and I don't want to insult anyone, but I really hate those glass ball Christmas ornaments. I think it is because my mother always had to have a color coordinated, perfect tree. To her, that meant glass balls. I have found the perfect solution to revamping the shiny things. If you should have some of them hiding, and feel the same way I do, give this craft a try.
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-Patterned paper in the colors that you will want to put on your tree or around your home
- glue in the form of tacky, or mod podge will work too
- mod podge
- round plastic globe balls that you get at the craft store (almost any round ornament will work so if you have some "old" ornaments that you don't want anymore you can use these)
- small foam brush - ribbons, buttons, charms, any kind of small embellishments will work, but you will definitely want some type of ribbons - small silver, gold, etc cording to hang your ornament.

Step 1 -tear your patterned paper into various sizes between 1 & 2 inches. They are supposed to be random shapes so don't worry too much about getting an "exact" tear

STEP 2 - I found that when I was making these it was much easier to work with the paper after I had scrunched/wrinkled it a little. It formed around the ball much easier this way. So just do a little scrunching of all the paper you just tore up. You won't need to do a lot just enough to get the stiffness out of it

STEP 3 - now starting at the top around the little "hangy thing" (so professional ) apply your glue in sections at a time so that you will be able to put on about 2 or 3 pieces of paper. Keep doing that in no specific order until you cover the whole ball. Try to overlap the pieces just a tad & if you are using mod podge you can apply glue on top of the paper as well, as for the other kind of glue- if you know how it works already than you may be able to apply it on top of the paper too, just make sure it dries clear. (for the mod podge people- as you are applying the pieces of paper & after you are done covering the whole ball, using your MP apply over the parts that are sticking up (corners of the paper etc.) ) - then with your finger or a popsicle stick flatten the paper all over your ball.

STEP 4 Now tie a ribbon around the hanger, embellish with buttons, accents such as snowflakes, labels, anything your little heart desires.

*Written by Janelle
You can find the original tutorial here.

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