Monday, August 20, 2007

Wanted to share with you a photo of my grandson Kaleb with his favorite toy at the moment. Isn't it great? How many kids can say they got to have a set of drums when they were little? This was taken Sunday evening when he was going 90 miles a minute, AFTER he mutilated a handful of chips on my carpet; jips as he calls them. Whew! He really wore me out. But! It was worth it, yes well worth it. I cherish every moment with him because as we parents know, it all goes by way too quickly.

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Blown94SC said...

Hey who is that spoiled child :D

I'm sure Kevin and Heather are glad that Grandma have those things at her house. He is having a ball.

NeNe said...

Such a cute guy, he must take after his grandma!