Monday, June 18, 2007

My Mouse House

I recently came across a site on the net that had suggestions on what to do with an empty Altoid's tin. You know, the curiously strong mints? Well, there were several quite creative suggestions, including the portable voo doo kit. (no, I am not kidding.)

I have used my Altoid tin for yet another idea. Not only do I enjoy creating primitive dolls, but I am also obsessed with dollhouses. Dollhouses of all kinds. I am currently working on a house I am building inside a huge armoire, an antique dollhouse, and my mouse house. Here is a picture of the kitchen in my mouse house. Notice the tin table! Those Altoid junkies didn't come up with that one!

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CraftyeLadyeCreations said...


Just love the mouse house kitchen, what a great idea.

Hugs Lisa