Monday, April 16, 2007

Ugh...It's Monday

Somebody please tell me the rule that applies when you are off on the weekend, spring out of bed and get into all the things you have planned for the day. Then when it is a weekday and you must report to work, you lay in bed, dreaming of staying there all day??? What is up with that?? I tell you, I could go to bed at 3 in the morning on the weekend and still pop out of bed at 5:30. That sure aint the story during the week. I don't get it.

Today is paperwork day for me. Hopefully I will at least make a dent in the ever growing mountain. Will also be inquiring as to my friend Ruby's funeral arrangements. It will be so different without her smiling face every day. It will be hard to let her go. My staff in the kitchen asked yesterday if it would be ok to send her personal coffee cup "with her". I say why not? Anybody and everybody in that home knew Miss Ruby's cup. I think she should have it too.

Currently I have a doll "on the table" as I like to say. She is all cut out. She is from a DirtyCrowInn pattern designed by Kelle. I love her stuff. She totally changed the look of primitive dolls with the way she does faces. So cool. Busy lady too. Don't know how she does it all. I bet she doesn't lay in bed on Monday morning dreaming of calming rain and lazy days with nothing else to do. Anyway, if you have never seen the fabulous workings of her mind, go visit her site. Its great.

This afternoon I have an appt for some more evaluation before my cataract surgery. This stupid arthritis is gonna have me all torn up before I am 50. I had no idea it could wreck havoc on your eyeballs too. Geez. I am still fighting it though with all I got. It aint gonna get me easy.

Everyone out there in blog land have a fantastic day. Count your blessings, and try to say at least one nice thing to someone today. It really helps the smile factor. Be a little nicer than necessary, for everyone is fighting a battle of some kind.

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