Saturday, April 21, 2007

Oh my aching feet!

One of my ladies had to be off last night due to a friend of hers who was killed in a tragic accident. I ended up being the one covering the shift. No problem. I love to cook. Doesn't bother me to work either. I didnt think it did anyway. By the time I got done with the shift I don't think there was a single part of me that didn't ache. Well, maybe my eyelids!

Some think that working in a kitchen is easy and very simple. To them I say give it a whirl for 8 hours and then get back with me. Anyone who works in a dietary setting deserves a standing ovation and a big ol hug. Its tough work.

The up side is my residents loved the chicken dish I made. Very rarely do they eat well at supper, so I was pleased.

It's back to work this morning for a bit. I am the weekend administrator. I am praying everthing goes smoothly because after last night I am dragging my butt around.

This weekend I am working on a doll designed by Kelle Arvay. I am doing the Millie Jean doll. I am so looking forward to getting her done. I have a long way to go though because she is in pieces. Not even together yet. Yikes!