Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lovely Surprise!

It isn't every day that I get an unexpected NICE surprise. Usually my surprises are things I would rather not have to deal with. I have had a crappy week. As you know, I work in a nursing home. You all know that my buddy Ruby passed away last Saturday. Since Ruby's death, we have had 3 more leave us. Usually I can handle this type of thing by assuring myself they are in a far better place. Lately though, that has been difficult. Losing so many friends in such a short time is definitely hard on one's heart.

There have been problems in abundance this week in my staff at work as well. It has been an ugly week and we are only on Wednesday!!! Give me strength!

I got an unexpected surprise today. A friend gifted me with two very awesome cool patterns. I LOVE PATTERNS!!!!! It felt like Christmas!!! This does not happen to me. Usually I am the one who is the giver, not the receiver. I just wanted to take this little spot here on the net to thank Angie Kuether for the gift. I truly appreciate it, and it really brightened my gloomy week. You have no idea how much you cheered me up. THANK YOU!!!!!